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Heirloom woodcraft

Custom design. Handmade quality.

Hollow & Round is a Pennsylvania-based woodshop that creates custom furniture and chests, home décor, and small business displays.  We value collaboration with families, as well as other makers in the craft community, to fill their specific needs and aesthetic.  Our approach is to offer traditionally inspired fixtures that bring you into the design process. 

What is a cabinetmaker?

From Colonial through Revolutionary America and beyond, carpenters have been indispensably focused on cutting, milling, and joining timber to construct the buildings of our communities.  By contrast, cabinetmakers, also known as joiners, specialize in woodworking skills that fill those houses, shops, and structures with furniture and other daily essentials.  Cabinets are just the beginning.  Tables, chairs, quilt racks, blanket chests, hutches, housewares, and much more.   

No, we don’t build or install kitchen cabinets.  But we keep a long tradition of fine, handmade woodworking alive to make our houses our homes. 



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